Steps Ministries is a dynamic, family-based ministry dedicated to urban impact through both teaching and living the principles of Jesus. We are a 501 (c) 3, tax exempt, non-profit organization (If you want to look us up our legal name is Christians United for Buffalo, Inc.). The team works out of an old storefront that has been refurbished into a youth center nestled right in the center of the Seneca Babcock neighborhood of Buffalo near downtown.


Steps Ministries is a Christian community dedicated to living simply and proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ. This community is incarnational in that our staff and interns live in the wider community that we minister to. We are committed to the apostles teaching, prayer and fellowship. Our goal is to reach those who have not been reached by the traditional church. Our outreach is designed to transcend cultural boundaries by being expressed through our ordinary lives.


We are located at the corner of Seneca Street and Imson Street in the City of Buffalo. This is just off the 190, near Larkin Square and 3 miles from downtown.