About Ben Tagg

Ben speaks from a heart of love for God and passion for social justice through living out the radical teachings of Jesus Christ. With over a decade of experience serving families in an urban setting, Ben has a wealth of practical insights and stories to tell. Ben has a Diploma in Ministry from Elim Bible Institute and College. He holds a license to minister with Elim Fellowship. Born and raised in the UK, Ben has dual citizenship in GB and USA. An avid reader, Ben draws from the experiences and stories of those who have inspired Him. He resides in Buffalo, NY with his wife Ruth, their son Elijah and their daughter Isobel.

How should a Christian treat the followers of Islam?

There has been buzz of media talk lately about Islam and religious extremism.  We have world leaders telling us that the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has nothing to do with Islam. There is widespread uncertainty … Continue reading