About Ben Tagg

Ben speaks from a heart of love for God and passion for social justice through living out the radical teachings of Jesus Christ. With over a decade of experience serving families in an urban setting, Ben has a wealth of practical insights and stories to tell. Ben has a Diploma in Ministry from Elim Bible Institute and College. He holds a license to minister with Elim Fellowship. Born and raised in the UK, Ben has dual citizenship in GB and USA. An avid reader, Ben draws from the experiences and stories of those who have inspired Him. He resides in Buffalo, NY with his wife Ruth, their son Elijah and their daughter Isobel.

I am a Fool


This is a piece of floetry that I wrote to help the youth understand the forming of the canon of scripture. It’s obviously better read out loud, so try it out! Or you can watch my reading of it on youtube here. I hope you enjoy it!

I am a fool.
In a world of wiseguys who’ll do anything to look cool.
I stake my life on this book.
Words on pages, pen and ink,
spelling stories, different ages, men and women
Who made other people think.
Not really a book, it’s a library of volumes
God inspired, written down by prophets that
God used.
Are you amused?
You think I’m stupid cuz I align
My values by God’s wisdom throughout time.
While you’re searching for something you’ll never find (on google).
You choose to remain blind.
“Oh” you say “you must be brainwashed
That book’s full of contradictions!”
My simple response is a complex question.
“Oh, is that so, have you read it?”
Then let me educate you bro.
The Old Testament speaks of how God made the skies
And the land and the seas and finally mankind.
It tells of God’s chosen people all the way to Malachi.
The New Testament tells of the God-man Jesus,
The apostles wrote down what their eyeballs saw
They saw a human like any other man who walks through that door.
Nothing Special, No Applause
A simple craftsman with no cause.
Then he opens the eyes of a blind man!
Their eyeballs saw it, they penned it down.
Everywhere He went miracles on the house!
All the while their ears heard the sound of His voice,
Sometimes He said He was the Son of God
One and only, but they thought He was a clown.
But a few faithful men wrote it down.
You say, “How can you trust that book?”
“You never met Peter or Paul,”
Neither did you meet the guy who’s writing all
the newspaper stories or the guy that’s
writing all of Mylee Cyrus’ Lyrics,
But you believe them well enough!
I hear you say, “It’s too old!”
“How can you trust a book written 3500 years ago?”
Are you serious?
Nothing of the bible was written in that period,
Its just 2015 AD. Can you count or are you just delirious?
Besides we have 25000 full or partial documents
that match what we have today in content.
That’s probably more than the writings of the presidents
1789 to present. That’s George Washington By the way.
I hear you say,
“Who chose what’s in the book anyway
How can anyone tell the real from the fake?“
Let me give you five criteria
(I hope you don’t feel inferior)
Hear we go:
Apostolic Authority
then there’s antiquity,
let me not forget Catholicity
Lastly Traditionality.
When you put a book through all of these
You get, Authenticity.
Oh, sorry I forgot, you don’t like big words
Let me go from the beginning a little slower than the first.
I am a fool.