By Ben Tagg | Posted on December 29, 2018

Two Reasons 2018 Shows That Buffalo is on the Rise!

Shortage in Housing Supply is Particularly Acute in Buffalo

I don’t usually write this kind of blog entry, but I have seen two really positive things about Buffalo this year and I want to share about it. I have now been a Buffalo resident for over 10 years, and I think it appropriate to consider it “my city”. 2018 has been a year of reduced crime and overdose deaths compared to 2017, though good, that’s not the theme of my article.

Buffalo Seeing Econimic Gains from Great Lakes restoration efforts
Buffalo Seeing Economic Gains from Great Lakes Restoration Efforts

Numero Uno – The Cleaning of the Water

Buffalo has not always made the best decisions when it comes to water. Her city lakefront is dotted with factories and off-shore grain silos leftover from the industrial revolution. I would say that in the last few years Buffalo has been making some better decisions. Developing Canalside and the Outer Harbor has been a big win for getting people back to the city.

Over the next twenty years Buffalo is going to see an economic boost because of a little something called the Federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI). Multiple government agencies are pouring money into improving the 5 beautiful Great Lakes. Buffalo sits on Lake Erie and is close to the shores of Lake Ontario also.

Here are the focus areas of the GLRI.

  • Toxic Substances and Areas of Concern
  • Invasive Species
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution Impacts on Nearshore Health
  • Habitats and Species
  • Foundations for Future Restoration Actions


The Buffalo News reports that for every dollar spent on this Initiative, Buffalo will get $4 in economic gains. The great thing is that this won’t cost Buffalo a dime! Obviously this is all subjective, but the principle is clear…clean up the waterways and people will come.

Numero Dos – I can’t find a house!

There is a housing shortage in Buffalo. Why? because people are buying houses left, right and center. For myself and others looking for property, its very frustrating. Real Estate Agents will tell you the same thing. If you want to buy a house in Buffalo right now you will be in a multiple bidder situation. Now, of course this is great for home sellers, but not for buyers.

Shortage in Housing Supply is Particularly Acute in Buffalo
Shortage in Housing Supply is Particularly Acute in Buffalo

When I read this headline, at first my frustration was appeased. I was thinking, “Yeah, finally someone understands!” But then I took a step back and started to realize…Houses are in short supply because people are moving to Buffalo! In droves actually! What a great sign of prosperity and growth for this city…for my city!

So if you are a Buffalonian…be proud of it! God is blessing our city like we’ve not seen before! I hope this brings a little hope this new year. You hear so much negative news, this is some positive!

Source: The Buffalo News