By Ben Tagg | Posted on October 9, 2018

Coming Full Circle – An Interview with Steps Staff Member Aaron Belleville

Meet the Bellevilles

Meet the latest addition to our Steps staff, resident missionary Aaron Belleville and his family in this compelling interview. Aaron is a solid, hospitable and passionate young man with a heart for the city. Read how God has brought this couple back to a place from Aaron’s past in a unique way!

1. Tell us about your family

I grew up in South Buffalo, so it has always been home for me. My wife Charissa and I went to the same church as kids. We married in 2015 and last November we welcomed our first child, Elanor, into our family.

“I want to see people live lives of passion, full of hope and meaning.”

2. Share a redemptive story from Steps so far

Since I’ve been helping out with JAM Club, there was one particular regular attender that I used to dread coming. He would be so disruptive and outright defiant. I didn’t know what to do, or how to get through to him. Yet, he kept coming to club. In spite of his defiance, there was an unexplained respect for Ben and I. He wanted to be around us and get our approval. When he asked to stay after and pray with us the first JAM Club of this year, I was taken aback! That day he prayed to receive Jesus!

3. How did you come to be involved in Steps

I have been running Promise Valley’s Urban Farm for the last three years now. Through that connection I started helping out with JAM club in the Fall of 2016. (Being a part of a youth-based ministry a few blocks from Steps, it was only natural that we would end up working together.) During that time, I have gotten to know the neighborhood kids and their families, so it didn’t feel like that much of a jump to move to Steps. It feels like through both JAM Club and the farm, that this was the next step.

4. What is one change you would like to see happen in Seneca Babcock?

If you know me, you’ll know that I am a passionate person. I want that to spill over to people I come in contact with. Through our ministry, I see a lot of people just barely existing. I want to see people live lives of passion, full of hope and meaning. I think that will be a natural by-product when they they come to know Christ. Only He can bring meaning to our lives.

5. How can we be praying for you in the transition?


  • Pray that this will be a spiritually deepening and rejuvenating season in our lives. Pray that I can find balance between the two ministries I devote myself to.
  • Pray that Charissa can find her individual niche at Steps and flourish in her role.
  • Pray for Elanor, that she can grow to love God and have a strong faith in a world that is increasingly harder to grow up in.