By Ben Tagg | Posted on February 5, 2018

Dear Son – A Modern-day Proverb about Pornography Addiction

Dear Son*,

Sex on a screen is a killer.
The images tantalize you and give you a taste
but never satisfy.
The videos suck you in like a tractor beam.
You will want to watch them over and over again.
The girl on the screen says,
“It’s only looking, you’re not doing anything bad! Come, taste my love.”
But it’s the furthest from true love.
While you ponder this lie
the hook is in.

The sensual theatre keeps drawing its clientele back for more.
In the middle of the night when the house is quiet…
In the toilet stall on break…
…the secrecy begins.
Your life will become a game of cover up.
As you delete internet searches,
and recent searches.
You search and search but do not find.
Clicking a mouse will NEVER get you to what you are seeking.

Sexual satisfaction comes only in a life-long, intimate, committed marriage.
Did I say the M word? Marriage?
Yes, Marriage!
Done God’s way its incredible!
‘Curiosity killed the cat’ they say.
And curiosity will be the killer of the one browsing the internet for sexual thrills.
Its quite natural to be curious about sexual things.
God made us to be sexual creatures.
But its what you do with that curiosity!
The more you permit yourself
to click, tap, swipe,
trying to satisfy ever deepening cravings,
the more sick and violent those cravings will become.
It might begin with you giving in to a craving to see a girl in a bikini.
Before long you may find yourself thinking about or doing what you never dreamed you’d do.
You will open doors to sins that will devour your life.
As technology advances, the people who profit from your addiction
will find ever cleverer ways to suck you in.

Don’t touch it!
Just don’t go there!
If you’re already in deep, here are 7 steps out:

  1. Repent before God. Name it sin.
  2. Confess your sin to a trustworthy Christian friend, counselor or family member.
  3. Eliminate or reduce access.
  4. Realize you are in a war. War against the devil, don’t just try to handle it or get better.
  5. Don’t make excuses for yourself.
  6. Understand when you’re prone (HungryAngryTired)
  7. Don’t give up!

The battle is the Lord’s, but don’t be stupid!
If you get a deep wound and you’re bleeding,
you don’t just let it bleed and say “Oh, the Lord will stop the bleeding.”
or “I know I’m losing blood but God is gracious!”
You put pressure on the wound,
You try to stop the bleeding as much as you can,
then let God do the rest.
That’s what you have to do with this, son.
Don’t be complacent!
Take it on to the death and then live your life vigilant that you don’t get sucked in again!


A Father

*to the reader…this is a peice of poetry, I am in no way down playing the fact that this addiction haunts ‘Daughters’ too.

Written by Benjamin Tagg